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Having Fun With Boys - You know what I mean

Raising a little boy is so…strange. Sam’s moods are so fleeting and extreme. One moment he is grunting and yelling at his truck that will not stay up on the couch when he puts it there, screaming and turning red in the face in aggressive frustration. The next he is head butting [...]

The Bragging Wife

I just have to brag because I am so very proud of Hubby. As you may know, he graduated from law school back in May. He did an excellent job in all of his classes from the very beginning. Just yesterday we found out that he was awarded Cum Laude for his [...]

My Mom Haircut is New and Improved

Welcome to my new look! This is what I get when I go to a book group that I’ve looked forward to all month and prepped for all day (mentally and psychologically), one of the only social events I have been able to attend since moving here, only to sit there by myself for [...]

Sorry, bad apples

Oh, it’s so very unfortunate, but alas I am sick. You may have noticed in the description of the 80’s Sunday video that I mention Sam has a bit of a fever. Well now he is ok, but I am under the weather. So I won’t really be writing today, but sipping [...]

Apples Calves and Shin Splints

So, I went to a fitness class for moms yesterday. It is a class where you bring your child(ren) and a stroller and you work out with your baby. The cardio portion of the class is predominantly pushing the stroller, and then every so often the group stops to do some strengthening exercises, [...]

Learning through play

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, we went to the Please Touch Museum. I had read that they had a farm exhibit specifically for children under three. They also have a storytime in the afternoons once a week, so I was considering getting a membership and going often if Sam enjoyed our trip. The [...]

80’s Sunday, That’s My Fun Day - week 6

Congratulations to last week’s 80’s Sunday winner, Crazy MamaD.

I don’t actually know if her name is “Crazy” Mama D. But I’ve seen her site listed on the links of others’ blogs as “Crazy Mama D,” “The Tales of Mama D,” “The Tales of Crazy MamaD.” I just don’t know (actually [...]