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We’re Outta Here

We’ll be leaving for the beach in a few hours and will be gone for a week. I’m pretty sure we will not have an internet connection there so I guess I will be on forced blogging hiatus. Perhaps that is a good thing seeing as it is a FAMILY vacation and sometimes [...]

Ah Mazing

Well, we flew home late yesterday afternoon. Sam. Was. Awesome. I can’t believe it. Somehow he woke up without a fever that morning. Our flight was on time. We got there at the perfect time. My parents watched him as he crawled around the airport for a while as [...]

He Got It

Well, Sam caught this horrible thing that I have. He came down with a fever yesterday, along with some pukiness, potentially a stuffy nose (hard to tell with a non-verbal baby), and a whole lot of miserable. He had an awful time sleeping last night and ended up in the bed with me for [...]

Absentee Blogging

Well, with my last post I broke two of my very own blog records. The first was my all time high number of comments. That’s right, 16 baby! And that’s not including me adding my own comments to your comments; it’s a solid 16. Not that I’m counting, of course. I [...]

Hum Drum Days

I’m struggling lately. I know it has to do with being in a place that still doesn’t feel like home. It has to do with trying to meet other moms and having the opportunity to see how other moms parent their children. It has to do with loads of laundry. It [...]

Sam’s First Meme

Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing very kindly tagged me with this meme recently. I’ve kind of been feeling like lately I’ve been writing way too much about me, me, me and not nearly enough about Sam, Sam, Sam though. When I saw that Jamie from All Things Avery had done this tag from [...]

What’s grosser than gross?

Originally this title was going to head a post about how much I hate yogurt, and how my willingness to let my son cover me in it at lunch time proves my love. But something much worse has crossed my path today.
Hubby reads that Slate website all the time and today came across this [...]