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A word of caution

If the check out woman at the grocery store decides to give your toddler a sticker on your way out, and you debate as you walk to the car whether or not to allow said toddler to hold the sticker for the drive home, do not. Even if said toddler has not put anything [...]

Animal House

Sam and I thought we could use some more company around the house. It’s been raining all week, we are freakin’ bored, and with his work schedule Hubby has only been getting to see Sam awake for about 20 minutes before his bedtime each day. Not sure what we’re going to do about [...]

End of Summer Days, Daddy Days

The end of summer has been looming around to say the least. Just as a child dreads the start of school, I have been in denial about these last weeks of August as they quickly approached. I’ve been spoiled, you see. For the past 4 weeks, ever since Hubby took the Bar [...]

Sincerely, The Blog Management

So last week I discovered some little added bonuses to enhance my blogging. Yeah, I know, like I need to spend more time on it. But one has got me thinking and I want to ask for your opinions, and the other is just so amazingly helpful that I have to tell you [...]

Wordless Wednesday - 1 week old

“Kiss Off”

This one’s for all the ladies

For years and years I wore the same ugly nightshirt. Even Hubby commented on its hideousness occasionally, but I explained very patiently that it was comfortable, which is certainly the most important quality in sleepwear. Year by year, the nightshirt stayed. When I think back, I’m pretty sure I got it in [...]

Note of clarification

I just realized that I failed to mention in my previous post that Hubby was in there with Sam. I just edited the post to make it a bit more clear, but for some reason I still felt the need to add this because I realize the rest of the post (as well as [...]