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Holiday events!

First things first - I know you all have been buckling under the anticipation of finding out the true nature of the filling inside this deep fried goodness. And so I tell you now that that, my friends, is your basic deep fried Oreo. Yep. Oreo…fried. Gross, huh? Well, I [...]

Little quiz for ya:

Here’s a little quiz for your Thursday enjoyment. See if you can answer the following.
1) Remember I mentioned I was going to be writing a book? Well I’ve been doing some planning for it, outlining plot and such, and also choosing character names. After long, long consideration I decided on the two [...]

Another Birthday Today

I’ve always associated my Dad with the outdoors; he’s just an outdoorsy type of guy. Growing up, if my father was not at work then he was probably out in the yard doing an array of gardening tasks and projects. I never understood what he could possibly be doing to pass so much [...]

More Tales of Trains

Well, I think I scarred my son. Ever since the incident with the train table last week I have been walking around the house and finding scenes like this:

And this:

Clearly this boy has been wronged, be it by me, by 4 year olds who don’t like sharing, or by their negligent parents, the boy [...]

Grapple, grapple

I have a hard time admitting this, but I have learned something about myself over the course of the last few months. I tend to get incredibly indignant about the way other people parent their children when it comes to protecting Sam. When I take him out to a playground, a store, a [...]

It’s officially time to throw the remote in the trash…

We all had a vision of how we would parent before we actually had kids. My vision involved homemade baby food, cloth diapers, co-sleeping through the night, etc. Oh, how things change once the baby arrives. Things seem unrealistic, expectations are lowered, we feel some guilt but not enough to change it. [...]

Write with me!

So I think I’m going to be all daring and try and write a book. For quite some time, since the days where I taught in a middle school, I’ve had an idea for a novel for young audiences. I never really got anywhere with it, some character names and a written and [...]