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1 lb., 6 oz.

We arrived back from our Thanksgiving festivities last night. Sam is now a seasoned air traveller, now having 9 flights under his belt in his 18 month life. As usual he was great. The wheel on our stroller was bent on the flight though and it turns out it’s going to be [...]

Holiday Prep: Bangs and Boobs

Here’s a little bit of unsolicited advice:
If you look at your child and think to yourself, “He needs a haircut before we go visit our relatives for Thanksgiving…I think I’ll cut it myself,” just stop right there. Even if it will save you money. Even if you just have such a long to [...]


Sam has moved on from his “Rollin’ It” obsession to Play Doh. He loves the stuff. He searches for where I hide the little jars of it and screams until I bring them down. We even busted out the flour and the salt and made our own dough yesterday. Remind me [...]

Da ‘Burbs and Da Baby

I know, I know. I’ve not been around very much, not been posting, not been commenting (I have been reading your blogs though, just so you know). You may recall when I warned you all that I was going to take blog break to do NaNoWriMo and you have jumped to the logical [...]

Roll it…roll it…roll it!

Sam has become obsessed with Patty Cake. Ob. Sessed.
Initially he would just start his rolling arm motion when I would begin the song. Now he doesn’t need me to initiate the Patty Cake. He has been walking around the house “rollin’ it” for days. It’s cute, it is. But see, when [...]

One Hit Wonder

We’ve had more words around here lately. But there has yet to be a repeat of “sho” or “cah.” In fact, Sam seems to only be interested in saying his words for us a few times in the moment and then never coming back to them…ever. It makes us wonder if he [...]

Sam the Builder (Can he fix it? Yes, he can!)

As it turned out the Halloween parade was the perfect amount of festivity for us. Sam had fun playing with his friends in his lame costume. He actually did keep the belt on the whole time, but I would still say he was the least costumed of all the kids. He had [...]