Sam has moved on from his “Rollin’ It” obsession to Play Doh. He loves the stuff. He searches for where I hide the little jars of it and screams until I bring them down. We even busted out the flour and the salt and made our own dough yesterday. Remind me to never, ever do that again. Sam’s reponse to feeling flour in the bowl, that’s cute. Flour is soft and cool and nice. It is enjoyable to touch in the bowl, yes. Flour is not enjoyable to sweep up when it’s been flung all over the kitchen floor, however. Never again, or at least not until another flash of temporary insanity comes along.

More importantly Play Doh has been the impetus for Sam’s first repeating word. Now, every time I roll the dough into a ball he says “bawu.” That L sound, it’s a rough one. He also finds balls around the house and brings them to me to tell me it is, in fact, a bawu. So good to finally hear my son’s voice…saying actual words.

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