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They came in swarms.

We’ve been attacked by Little People! They’ve come in by bus, by plane, and by train and have totally taken over our living room with their house and garage. Yes, it was a Little People Christmas for Sam, among other things, many other things. This kid has so many freakin’ toys…
The [...]

All I want for Christmas is…

A BIG NAP. Can I just take a 6 six hour nap? Man, SO tired. My exhaustion is so far the only sign that I am pregnant…well, I guess that’s not exactly true. Is it possible that I already look pregnant? Because seriously, my tummy already looks swollen. And [...]

You Guessed It

Yes, it’s true. But who knew that crying during Sesame Street and eating an entire crab dip was such normal behavior? I am pregnant though. It’s very, very early, as evidenced by the fact that I am still able to eat crab dip and the very idea of it does not sicken [...]

I know, I know

I’ve been a totally bad blogger lately. I’m bad about posting, bad about commenting. I haven’t written a seriously thoughtful post in…I dunno, have any been thoughtful? There was a day when I was all reflective and stuff, and that day seems to have passed. I do have some post [...]

I just want some earrings!

I’m standing in the shower - one of two regular length showers I get each week due to the weekend and Hubby being home - and I think I hear some crying and maybe some screaming. I wonder if I should call out and see if he needs help with Sam or find out [...]

A Meme for the Season

I’m feeling rather festive. Hubby and I finally got out and did some holiday-related errands today. We picked up our wrapping paper, ribbons, and so forth so that I can wrap the presents that are sitting in the closet. All of them are for Sam. I’ve done nothing for anyone else. [...]