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A public apology to my husband

Hubby, I am sorry.  I am sorry that on any given day of the week you are able, with 96% accuracy, to predict what I am going to wear.  Furthermore, I am sorry that this is not due to some complex OCD schedule of ‘the green shirt on Tuesday and the black stripes on Wednesday’ [...]

But I don’t remember any pina coladas…

Well, we all caught it - Sam’s pukey illness, that is. By Wednesday Hubby came home early and ran to the bathroom upon entering the apartment. By that night I was sick too. So there, my reason for a long absence. According to our pediatrician, who we saw on Thursday to [...]

Nausea Contest

It’s pretty amazing what our bodies can do when it’s time to kick into gear. For the past 2 weeks I’ve had fairly bad morning sickness in the afternoon and evenings especially. It seems I am always on the verge but never quite over the cliff if you take my meaning. It’s [...]

You Make Me Want To Be A Better Blogger

Welcome! Glad you could make it. My awesome brother gave me the most awesome of awesome gifts this Christmas, and you’re lookin’ at it. No more Blogger for me. I guess I should, I dunno, post more? I don’t feel like I deserve to have my own website, especially as [...]

Oh, right…

A few holiday pictures are in order…several weeks after the fact.
We have some traditional Christmas cookie making…

I decided Sam should be Rudolph.
I guess he was going through a weird growly phase. I swear I’ve never even seen him make the face he has on in that last one. And he seems to be [...]