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It’s coming…

Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I am turning 30 this week - Friday, to be exact. I am less than thrilled at this prospect. It doesn’t help that Hubby will not hit 30 until August so I am the first to reach this…milestone. And so the question becomes: what would make me happy on [...]

Sam’s Got a Girlfriend, nana nana na na.

Sooooo…we’ve lived here nearly 9 months and I’ve made precisely one friend. Sure, I have acquaintances and other moms I talk to at playgroups and stuff, but as far as someone I feel I have a mutual connection with I’ve just got the one. It may sound like I’m complaining, but I actually [...]

Who’s got it worse? Me or Jack?

Whenever I was feeling sorry for myself while pregnant with Sam - not like a serious sorry for myself but like a, “Oh I’m so tired and gassy and sick of my job and bloated and fat and ugly and it sucks,” sort of way - I would watch one of the Lord of [...]