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Here’s Whatcha Don’t Wanna Do

You read a lot when you’re pregnant about being careful of your balance, or lack thereof.  Because you are a lot bigger and constantly changing in size, it’s hard to keep a good sense of balance and it’s important to avoid awkward situations in which you may become thrown off.  You don’t wanna ignore that [...]

Almost as beautiful as those blue skies

We have our first spontaneous phrase.  By that I mean that Sam finally put two words together without our assistance and/or prompting.  Wait, make that a sentence, for it has a noun and a verb, a subject AND a predicate, my friends.  That’s right.  “Daddy…poop.”  Music to my ears.

Blue Skies

My boy turned two this week, and with it came his first phrase. I’ve been worried (as usual) about his speech lately, wondering what the doctor would say at his 2 year check up when I told her he was not yet speaking in phrases. At least now I’ll have a little [...]

Oh, The Horror

I’ve had some requests for belly pics. I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of this pregnancy to my first and Oh Dear God was it a mistake to look at the old photos. Not fun.  Torture.  Now I need water ice.  Here is a picture of me at 24 [...]