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Speed 3: Just Like Speed, But In A Car and Kind Of Slow

I have an idea for a Speed 3 movie. It’s a mom driving around a mall parking lot, unable to stop at any stop signs because if the car so much as slows down then one of the two boys in the back seat will wake up and scream. And as any mom [...]

The suspense is killing me.

I’m counting down the days until I will be on my own with two kids. I’ve had the amazing benefit of having my husband here followed by my mom since I am technically still not supposed to lift Sam (yeah right!) because of the C-section. So I still don’t know how I will [...]

Wait, you mean…?

People always talked about how different the second child would be from the first. My response was always that he wouldn’t have a choice; I knew I’d never be able to do the things for a second baby that I did for Sam. Sam was the crankiest, fussiest, colicky-est little thing I’ve [...]