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Brotherly Love

Hubby was carrying Robby out the front door of our building; I was taking Robby’s stroller/carseat and Sam out the back so I could use the wheel chair accessible ramp. I was walking in front of Sam with the stroller when I heard him fall on his way down the ramp. I let [...]


The dining room. 12:30pm. Thursday. Late October.
SAM is sitting at the table eating his lunch. MOM is hovering by him, occasionally sitting down at the table until ROBBY, a 2 month old baby strapped to her in a front pack begins to whimper and wake, to which she responds by periodically [...]

Transitional Objects

Ever since Sam was born I have waited to see what would be chosen as his “Lovey.” I didn’t know when it would happen, but I looked forward to seeing what type of object would become the object of his affection. For me there was Old Dolly, a tattered mess of a bean bag [...]

Oh, Crap

Each day I debate whether or not to try and take both boys out for a drive in order to get Sam and Robby to nap simultaneously. It’s a tough decision to make. When it works it is wonderful. Both boys sleep, and I get at least a little downtime. I [...]


Oh, this makes me feel much better. Perhaps I’m not scarring them after all.

15 Minutes

I finally have 15 minutes to myself while Hubby and the boys are out for a walk. I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks, wanting so much to blog. As I drive around the neighborhoods while my sons sleep in the backseat of the car I blog in my head, like I [...]