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What’d He Say Monday?

So, I’m thinking one easy way to get me posting more and paying a bit more attention to the PRECIOUSNESS that surrounds me every day is to start documenting some of the great things that come out of Sam’s mouth (rejected food not included). He says some great stuff, and I certainly don’t want [...]

Pre-school Anxiety

You know the tour isn’t going well when you have to deviate from your standard list of questions to ask, “Now where is the teacher that is supposed to be in this classroom right now?” as you watch two boys proceed to shove each other.  Ugh.


My husband sent me this today. It’s an excerpt from a column he reads on a regular basis written by “The Sports Guy.” Sports Guy and his wife recently had their second child, both very close to our children in age. Pretty damn funny. And here’s the rest of the article [...]

2 > 2xh

November? Really? My last post was in November? Dear God. No wonder I’ve started getting emails asking of all is well over here. Thank you for those, by the way. Hearing from some of you and knowing you still care to check in even when I am not posting [...]