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Fowl Games

I awoke to rain and a toddler who refused to go to school. I knew the latter was crucial since said toddler would not be getting out of the house due to the former, so I started the long process of getting a writhing child out the door in a timely fashion. He’s [...]

Mommy, I need you

You know what is amazing?  When Sam wakes up in the night and is afraid or confused, he says, “Mommy.”  I am the first thing that comes to his mind.  “Mommy, I need you.”  When he gets hurt, “I need Mommy to kiss it.”  When he doesn’t feel well, “I need Mommy to chill me [...]

Candyland - A Story in Photos

Sam and I have been playing a lot of Candyland lately.  He caught on remarkably fast, seeing as it’s his very first board game and all.  But after a while I started to notice something a little…odd.
Here are some examples of some of the cards I was allowed to draw during our recent game.

You can [...]

You must chill!

The other day, in a moment of awesome maturity, I called my husband and held up the phone so that he could hear the sound of both children screaming for several minutes. They were sort of trying to outdo each other…well, Sam was trying to outdo Robby, and Robby didn’t like it. Anyway, [...]

Planet pillows

When I was in college, a friend and I decided to drive from Ohio to Boston for an audition, and then on to Florida for our spring break. There was much overnight driving, but one of the nights we decided around 3:00am that we needed to sleep in a bed, so we pulled over [...]

When everything’s a battle, it’s hard to find peace

We went to the playground today, the four of us, and tried to get in some play time before the HUGE freaking rain cloud overtook us. Both the boys were on the swings, and then Sam went off with his daddy to climb and slide. I was left alone with Robby, just the [...]

Wherein I Link All Over My Own Blog

My essay is up over at Sekund. I chickened out and didn’t use that photo though. Instead, we chose a lovely image that had to be altered by my husband using his lame Paint program to blot out the huge crease on the front of my PAJAMA shirt, the MULTIPLE ketchup stains on [...]