What’d he say Wednesday (on Thursday) - Sleep talk

A few nights ago we heard Sam yelling in his bed. I ran in to see if I could help him back to sleep. He was dreaming, having a nightmare I suppose, and he often talks in his sleep. And he kept crying, “That mine! Give it back!” It wasn’t in the way he would usually say something like that when awake; he was more sad and less angry. He seemed truly upset and hurt by whatever was happening in his mind. I got him back to sleep in just a few minutes, but it left me very sad.

I know we can’t shield our kids from everything and that it’s not healthy to do so anyway. But as I walked out of his room I couldn’t help but wonder where in his life he is experiencing a situation that would cause him to have nightmares about people taking things from him. He goes to school for a whopping four hours a week. He loves it and never wants to come home. His teachers talk about what a great day he had every time I pick him up. And those four hours are the only time that he isn’t with me during the week. I just wish I knew who he was speaking to in his dream, what they had taken, and most of all, what I could do to fix it.

It’s hard to let go.


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