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My kids are pink. I took them out for a walk yesterday, not planning to be out long at all and therefore quite unprepared. But, of course, Sam could see lots of kids down at the playground for our complex and how can you say no when your child is saying, “I want [...]

Innocent Bystander

He gets out late. There’s traffic due to the rain. It’s already dark, almost dinner time already, and he hasn’t been home for about ten hours. He’s missing his family - his wife, the older child, the baby - but he’s so tired and ready to just collapse and go to bed. [...]

The Neglected Child

He’s eight months old today.

He’s a sweet-tempered, happy boy.

He smiles easily, you just have look at him.

He waves at everyone he sees by sticking his hand up in the air.

He has the best baby laugh ever. EVER.

He’s never had a blog post devoted entirely to him alone - he’s a neglected second child.

To be [...]


My mom, Mimi to the boys (Meme? Memi? We’ll have to decide on that) just left this morning after a one week visit. Many of you may remember her from this escapade, and some of you may know who she is without realizing it - she’s the lurker located in North Carolina that [...]

What’d he say Wednesday (on Thursday) - Sleep talk

A few nights ago we heard Sam yelling in his bed. I ran in to see if I could help him back to sleep. He was dreaming, having a nightmare I suppose, and he often talks in his sleep. And he kept crying, “That mine! Give it back!” It [...]

Mama Fashionista

So, there’s this woman I know . . .
She’s a stay at home mom, and I’ve seen her around a few times - playgrounds, community events, etc. - I’ve talked to her a bit. She’s nice, a little weird maybe, really great with her kids. The thing is, she’s like uber-fashionable. Do [...]

Letters to My Bad Neighbors, Part One

Today we visited our house, our very first house. Hubby and I have lived in various apartments since we graduated from college nearly ten years ago. We close at the end of this month. Very exciting, very overwhelming. We took measurements and tried to place furniture in our minds. We [...]