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A Plague on my New House!

Perhaps it took us too long to get our lawn cut after we moved in, because I’m starting to wonder if one of the neighbors put a hex on us or something. Let me share the evidence - all of this, with the exception of my trip down the stairs, has occurred in the [...]


My cat, Maki,  is in the hospital tonight with congestive heart failure.  He has advanced heart disease and we are going to take it “day by day,” according to the cardiologist.
All I can think about is how neglected he has been since the kids were born, not that he was actually neglected and we could [...]

The calm before . . .

He’s on the move, ya’ll. Baby Robby is officially crawling. So take a nice, long look, because I’m thinking pictures like this

and this

and this

are going to be few and far between once the toppling of towers and wreckage of train tracks really get going. Ah, the sound of Sam’s shrieks [...]


Since Sam started school in January he has told me that he only plays with “Jack” while there. I pick him up and ask him about his time on our drive home - “What did you have for snack, what songs did you sing at circle time, who did you play with?” To [...]


Next time you, say, fall down half a flight of stairs, you may find yourself sitting at the bottom letting it all pour out, so to speak. The tears may begin - the bruised and skinned elbow, the other jammed elbow, the already swelling back bruise, and the sore ass - but they may [...]

Boys In a Box

We have so much unpacking to do.  Thankfully the boys have been really helpful…

Got some flaming pants over here, ya’ll

So . . . Sam just lied to me for the first time. I went upstairs, leaving him and Robby playing happily on the rug. I was gone for about 30 seconds when I heard a thwack and Robby screaming. When I ran down, Sam was hiding behind the ottoman and crouching, the [...]