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Cherub One, Cherub Two

I’m not one to compare my kids - really, I’m not. I love them both, cherish them both, want them both to be exactly who they are, no more, no less.
But I’ll tell you a little secret: I really loved Sam’s hair when he was a baby, this hair. I would have been [...]

Wordless Wednesday - Planting

Warning: In these photos I have not yet bathed and am still wearing a pajama shirt, but I love so much that Sam loves flowers and gardening, that I had to suck it up and share anyway.

Tempt not the fates - Lest the Gods of the Garden of Olive kick you in the balls

Yesterday was our five year anniversary, mine and Hubby’s. While on our vacation last week we decided to do our celebrating on Friday, our last night at the beach. We had put the kids to bed early and ordered some fancy take-out and spent our evening on the deck listening to the ocean. [...]


It had been a long while since I’d been swimming in the ocean. Last year when we went to the beach I was very pregnant with Robby. Every time a wave would hit me in the stomach I’d just picture him being bopped in the head, so I didn’t end up going very [...]

Every Man For Himself

Charline is my real-life friend. I remember meeting her for the first time and getting so excited as our conversation progressed because it was one of the first times since becoming a mom where I felt I actually had a lot in common with someone I’d just met, with or without our kids. [...]

The Whirlwind

I have known Kate pretty much since I started blogging. Back then she wrote Peeping Moms, her parenting blog, and since then she has started up a foodie blog called The Clean Plate Club. She has been one of those blog pals that feels like a real life friend right from the start. [...]

Greetings! And too many salutations?

Greetings from the sunny shores of New Jersey. We’re having a fine trip. The ocean is um, well, it’s kind of closed right now. Something about waves being too big for it to be safe. So yeah, it’s a wee bit hot, you know, on the beach, when we can’t actually [...]