It had been a long while since I’d been swimming in the ocean. Last year when we went to the beach I was very pregnant with Robby. Every time a wave would hit me in the stomach I’d just picture him being bopped in the head, so I didn’t end up going very far into the water during our trip. It probably didn’t help that my balance was off enough that I had a lot of trouble getting in and out what with all the waves knocking me around, and my feet were so sensitive from the pregnancy that the rocks and shells might as well have been little spear points.

So this time around I knew I needed to get in some good swim time. As I mentioned, the ocean was “closed” for a little while, but once the waves were calmer and it opened again, I took my first opportunity to get out there while Hubby watched the kids (we have a thing where we take turns so that we can each have a little swimming time).

The water was cold, VERY cold, but I was determined to get out past the point where the waves were breaking so that I could enjoy some calmer water, despite the fact that my shoulders were a bit numb. There was only one other guy out there that far, wading around with me. Not three minutes after I got past the waves and in a comfy spot, I looked over and saw three dolphins maybe 40 feet away and heading in our direction. I pointed to them and looked back, hoping Hubby would see, but I didn’t wait to see if he saw me gesturing, I just kept pointing toward them so that when they came up again I’d know where they were. When they popped up again they were about 25 feet away, close enough to the other guy that he let out a little “whoop!,” and when they came up again they were maybe 15 feet. I could hear the air coming out of their blow holes quite clearly.

When they came up once more they were right in front of me. An conservative estimation would be maybe ten feet away - Hubby said it looked more like five from where he was sitting on the beach with the boys. They were close enough that I could clearly distinguish the marbled nature of their skin. They were close enough that I knew if I really went for it, I might have been able to touch one. But I stayed put. I didn’t want to scare them off, and I certainly didn’t want to ruin it for all the people behind me who were watching. After they passed I considered swimming after them again, but I think I was a bit mesmerized, unable to commit to moving from my spot, not wanting to spoil or change the moment in any way.

Dolphins, right in front of me. Pretty incredible.

And here are way too many photos in which my boys look like raccoons. I guess our sunblock did the job since both of them now have decidedly dark circles around their eyes exactly where Hubby and I stop for fear of getting lotion in them. That or they are just totally and completely exhausted from the trip - you can tell in some of the pictures they are totally beat - I know I am. Good to be home.

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