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Art Time

Had some art time at our house recently. Here’s how Robby “arts.”
Put the markers in the cup.

Remove the markers from the cup.

Throw the markers on the floor.

Scream until Mommy picks them up. And repeat. Sam was quite serious, however - look at that face.

And he made it clear there were to be no red pom-poms [...]

Wherein the Burger King picks me up by the collar and smacks me around a while

THE BURGER KING (as in, the King of Burgers): Pssssst.  Beth. Beee-eeeeththththth.
ME: Shut up Burger King. Don’t even start. You know we’ve sworn you off in our house. You’re not good for anyone - not my kids, not my ass, and certainly not the planet. So just don’t even start with me, all right? Get [...]

Brown Leaves

On our walk today we discovered that tons of leaves had already begun to brown and fall. We collected several, as well as some acorns, to bring back home. From my limited knowledge of the Waldorf philosophy, I remember the concept of creating a “Nature Table,” a collection of natural materials brought in from the [...]

Quotes I wouldn’t want to forget

Sam enjoys making up names for dinosaurs. It’s probably because every time we tell him the name of a dinosaur it sounds like we’re making it up. The name he uses for the really BIG dinosaurs is “Brassosaurusranus!” said in a growly, loud voice.
The other morning when we were eating breakfast Sam pointed out that [...]

Here’s Why I ROCK!

Today is Hubby’s birthday. We are now the same number of years old. Oh, how I hate to be “older” than my husband. That does not rock.  What does rock? I scored us tickets to the men’s finals for the US Open in a few weeks. If you’ve read this post, you know why this [...]

Award Graveyard and Bloggy Question #3 - Are you more/less present?

Welcome, you have just arrived at the website where awards come to die . . .
Long, long ago, several wonderful ladies bestowed on me some blog love. I, in my lameness, have not yet acknowledged them. So today, for some fun linky love to get us all off to nice weekend, I will finally say [...]

Excuse me, but weren’t we done here?

Want to know the first thing Sam said to me when he woke up this morning?
“I think we should get a new baby.  A girl baby. We should get a girl baby.”
And as if that wasn’t enough, just a few days ago Hubby came downstairs saying, “You know, I was just thinking about how fun [...]