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Wordless Wednesday - Robby Portraits




Stinkin’ Bathtub

Just FYI - If you ever, say, find yourself observing your face in the mirror while your three-year-old takes his bath a few feet away, when he says something along the lines of, “Mommy, remember that time I did a poopie in the baftub?” you’ll want to get on that. Like, immediately. Do not continue [...]

Good Photos and the Mommy Blog

Many of you have been asking about what else I learned from the Martha Stewart Show on blogging. (That post has now been updated with photos, by the way.) I have to admit, it all went by pretty quickly. The guests were on and off within moments, it seemed, and the discussion with each of [...]

Greetings from the windy Jersey Shore

Well, things are . . . windy. We haven’t been swimming since Sunday due to wind, cold, and extremely rough seas. Instead, we’ve been biking, visiting the nature center, and heading out to the beach in sweats and windbreakers. As I said before, the shore in September is a very different thing, a different type [...]

Wordless Wednesday - So Biiiiiiig!


The Shore in September

I’ve never been to a beach in September. It’s very different. It’s empty and more peaceful than in the summer, except for the ocean, which is dark and rough. Warmer now than just a few months ago though. The water is often warmer than the air, but again, much too rough for the kids.
But because [...]

Gone again, gone again joggery jog

We are going out of town again. Can you believe it? I can’t. I feel like we have been away so much and just doing doing doing. And here we are, heading out for a week at the shore with my in-laws. I’m not complaining. I mean, who would complain about a week at the [...]