It’s Wednesday, and I’m Totally Wordless . . . and someone just pointed out that it’s actually Tuesday, so now I’m speechless

So, you may have noticed I’ve been a little short on the wordage these days (but lots of photo practice, eh?). It’s been a bit hectic around here, but for great reasons. I found out in the past week and a half that I have two new blog writing gigs on the horizon (one of them paid, although quite modestly), which is awesome. So the past few days have been spent signing contracts, getting new logins for other sites, etc. I can’t wait to tell you about both, and I should be announcing this with links to my first posts on the other sites, but I seem to have a problem . . .

See, I’m all set to go - I have my instructions, I have my accounts set up, but I’ve got nothin’, nothin’ to write about, that is. Seriously, now that it is all worked out, and I am getting to do exactly what I had set as a goal long ago, it’s like I have nothing to say! It’s a writer’s block of the worst kind. I’m starting to wonder if I’m just a big impostor because my mind is a blank. And, um, I’m sort of petrified.

I’m trying not to freak out and trust that something will come (please, let it come before my deadlines). So hopefully soon, very soon, I’ll be able to tell you more and send you on over to a few new sites.

In the meantime, and speaking of wordless, I’ve noticed a lot of other people talking about a writer’s block lately too. It got me thinking about hosting something here on my site, something to hopefully keep us all going, keep motivated, and spice things up a bit. I thought I could announce a theme of some sort, maybe every two weeks. I’d post about what the theme is for you all, and then we could spend the next two weeks responding to the theme either in writing (essay, fiction, poetry, whatever you want), as a photo, as a video, or anything else you can think of. Then on the day I’ve arranged, I’ll put up my post and link to all of your posts where you’ve responded on your own blogs.

Does that make sense? Would you be interested in doing it? I don’t want this to be too similar to Scribbit’s Write Away contests, but I’m sure I was subconsciously sort of inspired by that for this idea (and I certainly need to give credit where it is due - her monthly Write Away contest is awesome). But this wouldn’t be a contest. In fact, I would want to avoid any sort of pressure to make it a perfect post like that, and it would emphasize that you can respond to the theme in any way you want and feel comfortable to sort of explore and experiment in that way. It would be for anyone who is interested in writing or any other creative endeavor, who wants to practice and keep their juices flowing. For example, you all know I am actively trying to improve my photography, so I might use this as an opportunity to practice my skills when inspired by a particular theme, or assignment, if you will, to see how that opens me up to things I might not have thought of otherwise. This idea is what I’ve been thinking about since I posted about that book, A Year of Mornings, because it is a perfect example of how just a simple idea (to take a photo each morning) and some collaboration can have amazing results.

I haven’t worked out the details, like where the ideas for themes come from, how I link up to your posts (linky or have you email me and I write them up in a post), etc., but I wanted to gauge interest first. Do you like the idea of having a theme to work with once in a while, or does it totally turn you off? What do you think?

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