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Ye Be Warned

Mr. Mouse and Friends,
You know, I’ve always tried to keep the peace with my animal friends. I had my decade long vegetarian stint. I was a member of PETA. No hunting for me. I try to be conscious of what I buy, even now, when it comes to animal products.
And even when I knew we [...]

The Thanksgiving Quiz

Ahhhh . . . are we all up for air yet? Are we out of our tryptophan-induced food-coma? Things are starting to settle down here. We have just completed the last round of relative visits, the leftovers are coming to an end. But before we let go entirely of this most recent holiday, let’s recap [...]

Who Needs BF When you Can Have Giveways?

My Thanksgiving recap will be up later, when at least one child is asleep. Before that I wanted to remind everyone/point out to everyone some great giveaways going on.
First, be sure to enter my giveaway for a signed and personalized copy of “The Stay At Home Survival Guide.” It would be a great gift for [...]

Wordless Wednesday - Giving Thanks

As it happens, it turns out this is my 300th post. That sort of crept up on me, so nothing amazing planned for it. Somehow I feel like posting this is appropriate.
 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Twilight…I’m Still Confused But I Really Don’t Care

Did I see Twilight this weekend? Yes
Did I see it twice within 24 hours? . . . um, yes.
Was it all that I hoped? I have no idea. I guess yes, because really I just didn’t want to hate it.
Was it without fault? Absolutely not.
Did I love it? Absolutely yes.
Hubby and I went and saw [...]

Come forth you Stay-At-Home Moms - A Reading and A Giveaway!

****** Edited to add: Sorry, the giveaway ended on November 28th.********
Some of you may remember me mentioning a book I truly loved and reviewed on Mama Speaks last month. Melissa Stanton’s “The Stay At Home Survival Guide” has been pivotal for me in the way I view my role as a stay-at-home mom in my [...]

Wordless Wednesday - From Where He Stands

This was Sam’s first time with the camera. Of course, I find them fascinating and gorgeous.
Give me a break. He’s my son.