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Resting, Relaxing, Taking a Break

I know I haven’t been around. Has anyone? I feel like we bloggers have all been a bit absent lately, enjoying what we would refer to as “real life.” I have to admit I’ve been happy to indulge in this accidental blogging hiatus. I hope you all have been too. And here’s a lovely post [...]

The Fmell is Back And Merry Christmas

I hope you are all have a beautiful, wonderful, happy holiday. We’ve driven around to see the lights. We’ve left out cookies. We’ve read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Shhh…but Santa has already come tonight:)
Hubby is currently wrapping my gifts, which gives me a few moments to share this with you. We all remember “What’s [...]

Santa and I Are Throwing Down

New post up over at Imperfect Parent all about the stiff competition I have going on with Santa. Totally light-hearted, but I’m sure someone will find a way to tell me how morally evil I am anyway . . . And I can honestly say today that I care not.
Amy from Occupation: Mommy made a [...]


I’m functioning on about two hours of sleep today. This is why kids can be very, very bad for control freaks like me. You can do everything right, so you think - not eat any chocolate all day, not let the nap go too long, make sure the temperature is right, not get too far [...]

Others also raced after the star that night . . .

Apparently the wisemen were not the only trio present . . .

Outdoor adventures, outdoor threats

It was unseasonably warm in the Philadelphia-area today. Immediately upon stepping outside of the house to take the kids to the doctor for well-visits, we were shedding our coats in favor of our long-sleeved shirts. I was disappointed that we had to spend the beautiful morning in the doctor’s office, so I decided that after [...]

I Love My Sideage

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a wee button over there on my sidebar that you should look at. If anyone has gifts left for babies or their own kids, please head on over to Bubble & Squeak to see an adorable line of baby onesies and tees. I love the mom-owned (and [...]