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Lesson Learned

As you may recall, Sam has had some trouble with the concept of losing, especially when it comes to playing Candyland. Well, today we had another game for the first time since that instance. The poor child drew the ice cream cone and was almost at the end when he picked up that blasted gingerbread [...]

Wordless Wednesday - First Snow

For those of you in my area - no, these were not taken today, on this disgusting, horrendous, sleeting, dreary snow day. They were from that ONE other snow we’ve had so far.

Snow pants - ready.

Yes, those are socks on his hands because I have no mittens for the poor child.

The Sounds of the Day

I sat in the office of a psychologist last year, and listened to her make suggestions to me about how I might get through my days a bit easier, a bit happier. I was there just to rule out the possibility of postpartum depression. And after I spoke for a while about the things I [...]

Gumdrops and Lollypops

On the night that the Eagles lost their playoff game to the Cardinals, Sam and I played Candyland. He won the first game, drawing both the peanut and the lollypop in succession, not to mention his impressive run of “doubles.” He was quite pleased with himself, as though he had displayed great skill at drawing [...]

Today is a good day . . .

. . . I can feel it.
. . . despite the fact that my children would not stop screaming at each other long enough to let me actually hear his speech.

Bag Reveal And Now You (A New Meme by Me)

All right, after receiving a thorough flogging regarding my choice to not reveal “The Bag,” I’ve decided to let you have it today. Before that though, allow me to give you my reasons for not showing a picture/revealing the designer in the first place.
1) After that whole story involving Prada and designer diaper bags and [...]

Winter Activity - Make a Pine Cone Birdfeeder

It’s effing cold out. I don’t need to tell you guys that. We’re all stir-crazy and stuck in the house. And we all know how important it is to expose the kids to some “nature” every day. So what do we do when we’re stuck inside?
Well, remember if you’re effing cold, so are the birds. [...]