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Last night when Sam was getting out of the car to go to see a doctor about his ear pain, I went through my regular reminder that he should stand by his car door and wait for me while I got Robby out of his seat. Our regular method is that I undo his buckles [...]

You Capture - “Spotlight Cookie”

Today I’m participating in the You Capture photo challenge over at I Should Be Folding Laundry. It’s totally fun and I think just started this week, so go check it out. This week’s challenge was to take a picture of something you love without using the flash.

Originally I was going to take a picture of [...]

Stop It, You’re Making Me Blush

Well, I can’t say I’ve ever really been quoted before, at least not in print. So when Sarah of This One Goes Out To The Friends I Never Had asked if I’d be interested in interviewing with her for an article she was writing, I was flattered and totally game. She was taking on the [...]


Robby turned 18 months old recently. And Hubby and I realized over dinner one night that Sam was around this age when I became pregnant with Robby. I have to admit, when we thought about that we were both kind of like, what were we thinking?! Right now having another baby is just about [...]

Hop Scotch

Fast Track to Happiness

This morning Hubby sent me a link to this post. Of course, I have no idea what might make him think I would care to see this today. Surely not my disgusting mood in the car this morning as we dropped him off at the train station . . . surely not. Anyway, I thought [...]