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Who’s That?

It’s “Dress As Your Favorite Book Character” day at Sam’s school. Anyone want to take a guess at who he is?

I can’t believe we had all the materials for this just in our house (you gotta love pipe cleaners), and that he actually chose a character we could put together with some good old fashioned [...]

Who Do you Love?

We were sitting at the dinner table when he hit us with it: “Daddy, I love Mommy more than you.”
And then, silence. I stared at my husband for a moment and then began to speak to my son about why he should not say such things to his father, but the damage was done, despite [...]

Linkage - Breaking The 4th Wall, Mom Support, and Spider Man

This is a great story about a real-life Spiderman rescue in Thailand.
For all of you theater majors/ex-actors/working actors, I haven’t laughed this hard in a looong time.
Melissa Stanton, author of The Stay-At-Home Survival Guide, has joined us in blogland with her new site, Real Life Support For Moms. I hope you’ll go and make her [...]

Magical Conversation

As I was tucking Sam into bed tonight his last words were:
“I want to see a mortician.”
“Excuse me?”
“I want to see one, a mortician.”
“Are you saying mortician? Mortician?”
“Yes. Mortician.”
“Why do you want to see a mortician?”
“Because he does cool things. He has a wand and a bunny and a hat.”


You may have noticed I’ve been absent for a while now. Or perhaps not. But I feel like I’ve been absent from blogland lately. Somewhere along the way I just lost my window of time in which I normally blog, comment, respond to emails, etc. And then I got behind. And now I’m just sort [...]

Nose Blow

What on earth is that crusty thing on the tip of the crayon? What the . . . oh, of course. A booger.
And when I look up, Robby is smiling at me and pointing to himself.

You Capture Week 4 - Bright Shadow

It’s week 4 of I Should Be Folding Laundry’s “You Capture” Photo Challenge. The theme this week is Shadow.
When I first found out what the theme was I wasn’t sure if I would participate, and I’m not sure why. Shadow…darkness…something about it. But what I then realized was that in order to find great shadow [...]