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Well, there’s this rock over here, and then this really dense, non-porous substance over here . . .

I’m really not sure what’s worse - having the two boys wake up fighting each other, physically and verbally, on every single, tiny little thing.
Or when they band together and come up with new and wonderful ways to fight me.
What a freaking day.

My Little Dandelion

Out of My League

I was wringing my hands in anticipation. Would my child be the one to make them lose? How would he handle it if he was tagged out? What if he wasn’t able to hit the ball within three swings and had to walk away in shame? What if someone made fun of him and he [...]

Happy Earth Day

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

“No, Poo-PEE!”
“No! It’s a Poo-PEEEE!”
This is what I’ve been listening to for the past ten minutes. Robby insists it’s a Poopoo (because he can’t say poopie, and yes, he is presently doing one, whatever you call it), and Sam is confident that it’s a Poopie.
Welcome to a rainy, cold Monday morning in our house.
Looks like [...]

Oh, Right, That Whole Village Thing

Have you ever felt resentful of another adult directing or reprimanding your child? How can you say “no,” right? It’s very uncomfortable for us mothers, I think, for a whole host of reasons.
I’m nearly finished with Buddhism For Mothers, which I previously wrote about here, and I came across a passage that really made me [...]

Good Night

Sam: “Mommy, I don’t like to sleep. I’m not sleepy.”
Sam begins to sit up
Mommy: “Yes you are, honey.”
Mommy lays him back down
Sam: “No I’m not. I’m not sleepy. You just think so. You just think so because that’s what you think. But I’m not. I’m telling the truth.”
Sam yawns
Sam: “I’m not sleepy.”
Mommy grins. Sam yawns [...]