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Sometimes I watch the News

The other night my husband and I were watching our local news when the face of a mother came up on the screen. It was an amber alert for Bonnie Sweeten and her daughter, who’d been reported to have been abducted in a carjacking in Bucks County. My husband quickly grabbed the remote from me [...]

You Capture - Family

It’s another week of the You Capture Challenge over at I Should Be Folding Laundry. The theme this week: Family, so of course I had to share.
Family - here are all my boys:

A Beginner’s Vegetable Garden - Journal Entry Two

I think it’s safe to say you’ve had a bit of a transformation if you wake up in the morning and say aloud, “Oh good, it looks like rain.” With no hint of sarcasm. I’ve been a gardening fiend over here, so much so, that when I had my choice of activities on Mother’s Day [...]

9 Months

About nine months ago, Robby was learning how to give kisses, and working on walking through the grass:

Just yesterday he was a little man with a new haircut, who told me all about the trains that were going by:

And then, there’s just something about this picture that I love:

Not So Manic . . . Monday

I have a little secret. I actually really love Monday mornings. I know. Gasp. What on earth would I love about the start to the week, the end of a too short weekend? Well, I used to hate it when this time rolled around each week just as much as most people. So I [...]

A Week In a Box

One week, seven days, 168 hours. SO. MUCH. STUFF. Seriously, I feel like we’ve had so many activities in the past week. This is the condensed, “Best Of” version.
We start with Sam’s field trip to a local farm, which happened to take place on his birthday. I think he might have thought the whole thing [...]

The Baby is Growing Up

Look who’s here visiting us again today. I was beginning to wonder about him.

And he’s starting to look more like his parents.

Why on earth he wants to hang out right outside our living room window and listen to us yelling all afternoon I have no idea.