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When Frump Meets Glamour

When she first came out I was struck by how incredibly young she appears. But I read that she’s 26. I dunno. I have a hard time with that one. I was feeling pretty old hanging out back there in the green room. But my nervousness was put to rest by Diane Birch’s genuine [...]

The Blogging Thing? It has its Perks

Yesterday I found myself talking up the Philly Moms Blog to a non-blogging writer friend. (They’re still looking for some bloggers in Philly, if you happen to be interested, by the way.) I found myself saying that although the gig doesn’t pay, it definitely has its perks, as does blogging in general.
Take, for example, the [...]

The Before, and The After

I would say that today was almost the opposite of what I’d expected. When faced with the fact that Sam would be losing two of his teeth, I was most concerned with how he would handle the realization that there was a huge space in his mouth - that his teeth were actually gone, as [...]

Overloaded Post

So, I want to tell you about all these great things that have been happening around here lately. Blog launch parties with friends, winning some gorgeous pots and pans, getting VIP treatment at Sun & Earth. But alas, I can’t write it, not today, because my little boy is having his teeth extracted tomorrow. Extracted. [...]

Still Life With Mommy

It’s the stereotypical question when someone finds out I stay at home with my two young children: “What do you do all day?” And I guess the stereotypical answer is “Well, I don’t know exactly.” It’s a tough one, one that can’t really be explained to someone who hasn’t actually done it.
But as I sat [...]

Creeks and Crawfish - Defeat The Deficit

Something about waking up the morning after a rain makes me think, “We need to go throw rocks in the creek!” So that’s what we did yesterday, after making sure the carrots had survived our most recent storm. Robby kept talking about the “Big WaWa!”  We found an orange slug on a rock and [...]

Too Many Glowing Rectangles

For the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been slowly composing a post about how overwhelmed I am with the amount of TV, computer, and phone use there is in our lives. It’s a very boring post. Trust me. And that’s why you haven’t seen it, but that’s not to say these things aren’t still [...]