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Here’s Where You WON’T Find Us

It’s mid-way through the summer, and it is clear to me that I’m creating the most horrific of summer travesties, the most unforgivable of parental blunders, the most alarming of mommy mistakes: I haven’t joined the pool. It’s true. When (apparently) every other family is getting their swimsuits on and sunblock applied, my kids and [...]


In this last one you can see Robby’s reflection, which seems oddly appropriate.
This morning Sam is saying Robby is “noxious,” which I can only assume means he’s “OBnoxious.” Robby won’t stop trying to eat “bandhands” (rubber bands), and Sam is throwing puzzle pieces. Robby is now wearing a construction helmet and spinning himself around [...]

“Oh, Ha!”

Robby doesn’t say the word “Yes.” It’s not in his vocabulary. Instead he has always said “Ha.”
“Do you want more milk?”
“Ready for bed?”
I don’t know how it began. Soon after he started talking he started saying “Ha,” and we quickly learned what he meant. I guess we reinforced it, because now, just one month short [...]


Heirloom Tomatoes from our CSA, egg bread baked this morning and timed to come out just before lunch, lettuce from our own garden, all-natural bacon from Trader Joe’s . . .
Yeah, that works.

Little Bakers

Sometimes cookies are the only possible answer.

I think we all feel a little better now.

You Capture - “First Harvest”

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Lap Time

I really, really like it when they’re nice to each other . . .