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Recycled Milk Jug Watering Can and Giving Your “Awl”

When Robby and I visited the farm the other week they were using these to water the seeds they were planting. Totally cute and great, right? Especially because the holes disperse the heavy stream of water a kid typically dumps on plants, and they’re so light to begin with it makes them easier for the [...]


Sometimes I’m so glad I bring the camera, even if it’s just a regular trip to the playground.

A Beginner’s Fall Vegetable Garden - Entry One

I planted our fall veggies last week. There are lots of transplants since I certainly was not thinking of starting seeds for the fall during our summer growing. So next year I’ll remember that and start early with seeds. I do find that planting seeds themselves is much more satisfying than transplanting already established plants [...]

Goodbye “Ha”

When we woke up this morning, “Ha” was gone. In its place was a well-pronounced “Yeah.” Am I sad to see it go? Ha, oh ha.
There’s still one context in which I get to hear “Ha,” and that’s here (and I’ll warn family that we’re about to talk about my nummies, so this might be [...]

Another First Day

Today was the first day of a new year at school for Sam, as well as Robby’s first day of school ever. Here’s the obligatory cute first day photo:

And here’s Robby, at home less than a few hours later, after sobbing in my arms for the duration of his morning at school.

I wasn’t necessarily expecting [...]

So Sad About Serena

We try very hard to teach our children what it means to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Whenever we play games of any sort we emphasize the importance of encouraging each other, taking turns, and trying not to gloat . . . too much. From early on we tried to help our boys learn that you win [...]

Rainbows in Clouds

****Edited below****
If you are in an area that is cloudy and generally dreary today, here’s a cool project that I saw on Misty’s blog this morning that is sure to brighten up your day. Not to mention that it’s a great activity for the kids to work on with you, sorting colors, making stacks, and [...]