Recycled Milk Jug Watering Can and Giving Your “Awl”

When Robby and I visited the farm the other week they were using these to water the seeds they were planting. Totally cute and great, right? Especially because the holes disperse the heavy stream of water a kid typically dumps on plants, and they’re so light to begin with it makes them easier for the little guys to carry. A half-gallon would probably be even better for that purpose.

recycled milk jug watering can

I just poked some holes in the used milk jug using an awl, and then a few on the other side for air. We did have a few issues, though.

I had to ask my husband a few times for his awl: “Can you give me your awl?”; “I really need your awl.”

And by the second time or so he kind of looked at me, exasperated, as if to say, “I’m giving you my all! Good God Woman, I have nothing left to giiiiiive!!!

“Dude, your AWL.”

Anyway, Robby seems to like the recycled milk jugs.

robby watering

robby dumping water robby and milk jugs

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