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This Halloween

The following is one of several items my husband has emailed me from upstairs in his sick bed.
It’s just too perfect.

If you do venture out tonight, I suggest you go as a “Surgeon,” complete with face mask and latex gloves. And maybe leave the cell/blackberry/iphone at home:)
Happy Halloween!

It’s Just So Swiney

Well, it’s a good thing we had that wonderful day over the weekend, because now we’re all sick. Doctor has said he believes it’s the dreaded H1N1, and we’d already come to that conclusion. No one is having a terrible, terrible reaction, but Hubby sure does have it pretty bad. And it lasts forever, I [...]

Pumpkins, Books, Apples and Sunshine

Fall is my favorite. My absolute favorite. And today was a beautiful sunny day full of pumpkins and apples and golden leaves. We have apples, so many apples! We have pies to bake and pumpkins to carve. We have seeds to toast and seeds to plant (not pumpkins, but garlic).
And I just finished such a [...]

Smells Like Fall

Outside: wind and rain.
On the stove: two pots. One boiling chicken for tonight’s Chicken and Dumplings, the other with the rest of the chicken and some vegetables for stock and Chicken Noodle Soup later on.
Open on the table: three lovely cookbooks. The Joy of Cooking and The Art of Simple Food, both on loanĀ  from [...]

You Capture - Still Life on a Rainy Day

When I stopped by I Should Be folding Laundry this morning to remind myself of what this week’s challenge was, I was disappointed when I saw it: “Still Life.” And on her post she had lovely pictures of her home, bright, cheerful, and clean. I looked around my own house and just thought, “What could [...]

Slug Sentry

Remember when you were a child growing up there was always some neighbor kid who liked to sprinkle slugs with salt and watch them shrivel up and die? This was probably the same kid who fried earthworms with a magnifying glass just for the fun of it. You and your parents would wonder what was [...]

Gnome Home

I remember growing up that I was fascinated with gnomes. I had a book of gnomes, one I wish I could find, that had illustrations of various gnomes and their homes. One page stands out in memory specifically, a drawing of a forest and meadow, and the reader was to practice using their “gnome eyes” [...]