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I’ll Take That In A Girl’s 4, Please

Sam’s favorite color has always been purple, and to this day it still is. I can’t count the number of purple markers we have been through in this house. Come to think of it, I don’t even notice the fact that every time he eats food from a bowl I make sure he gets a [...]

Those Baby Days, Over?

I’ve really been noticing lately the lack of babies around here. For the first time in over four years, we have none. Robby is nothing like a baby anymore, at a little over two and talking constantly. And so, we are officially baby-less.
It’s very strange.
What’s more. Robby is roughly the age that Sam was when [...]

That Blows

So, as you know we’ve been sick. And as such, some things really fell by the wayside around here - I have yet to see the bottom of my kitchen sink, for example. It’s to be expected really and is fine. But unfortunately we missed the whole leaf-falling-on-lawn thing. So now our entire yard is [...]