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Christmas Quandary

Ok, when a neighbor gives you a big plate of Christmas cookies on a pretty nice Christmas plate covered in plastic wrap, do you return the plate? Or is that part of the gift?
I did truffles in little candy dishes and I intended for them to keep the dishes, but now that I’m on the [...]

Holiday Awesomeness

I think I made my last trip to the arts and crafts store today, hopefully. And with that, I believe my shopping is done. There are still many projects to create, at least one more trip to the post office, and much, MUCH baking to be done. There’s a whole lot of nagging of the [...]

Everything You Don’t Want to See if You Planted Bulbs

I returned from our Thanksgiving excursion to find many of these:

I can only assume these are vole holes, based on the narrow tunnel down to each bulb. It just looks like it must have been done by something small, mouse sized, and that mouse-sized beast took off with probably a third of the tulip [...]