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Beautiful Boy

When Sam got up in the morning I felt I had just had to capture his amazing bedhead. And for a child who spent the night in feverish non-sleep, saying his head really hurt, I was so happy to see him and hear him say he “felt much better” that I needed pictures. But as [...]

Winter Funkified

Should I write about the funk I’m in? I don’t know.
The boys are sick and have been for what feels like a very long time. One is now being treated for an ear infection, the other a sinus infection. Due to their hacking coughs and the weather, because we’ve just been hit by “the Flurricane,” [...]

Your Beginner Vegetable Garden - Start Your Research

Okeedokee, by now you have spent some time observing the sun and you’ve figured out in what zone you live. If not, you should probably head over and read this before you proceed.
It’s now time to think about what you want to grow and begin your research. I encourage you to consider, at least at [...]

“I Just Want to Grow SOMETHING; Where Do I Start?”

Several of you have said to me recently, via comment or email, something along these lines. You want to grow some food this year. You don’t know where to begin. You’re overwhelmed. You have a “black thumb.”
I know how you feel. Last year around this time I was determined to plant a vegetable garden, and [...]

Our Baby Is All Grown Up

It’s funny, just the other day I was thinking about this little guy.

Remember him?
I wondered where he was. How his parents were doing. If they were all . . . somewhere. Pessimistically, I figured they probably weren’t, and I was briefly, illogically sad about that.
This morning I finally got around to going out and refilling [...]

Iris Hermodactylus VS Iron Man

It might take an outsider one morning of listening to my kids talk to figure out what interests my husband and I, and which of those interests have rubbed off onto our children. This morning when we sat down to breakfast Sam exclaimed, “Mommy, three of the irises are blooming!” I beamed with pride at [...]

I Love Trader Joe’s

I love Trader Joe’s. Anyone who knows me in real life knows this to be true, most of all, my husband, who has to listen to me tell him how much food I got for some small amount of money just about every week. Or point out to him how many of their products are [...]