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Blowing Eggs Kind of Blows; Quiche Does Not

Ok, so Easter is upon us. There’s a whole lot of egg action going on. In past years I have always hard boiled our eggs for dyeing, but often feel guilty because they don’t usually get eaten. The kids just aren’t really fans of hard-boiled eggs (and really, who is when you’re talking about that [...]

Boys and Weapons - What To Do?

Years ago, I saw an article in Mothering magazine about children and weapons play, and I saved it. Yep, I’ve hung on to my copy of it since 2006. I knew that one day I would need to refer back to it. And now, with two boys who love super heroes, playing “Good Guys and [...]

The Uterus Takes On The Brain

It started about a month ago, when I was convinced I was pregnant. And let me ruin this story now for friends and family and say that I am not pregnant, and I was not pregnant, so don’t go squealing and jumping or anything.
But for about two hours there I thoroughly believed [...]

Well, See Spring Arrived

Gosh, over 2 weeks since my last post?! Well, what can I say other than: spring arrived. My husband asked me the other day, “When will you get to a point where you won’t be gardening in every free moment?” A valid question, I’ll admit. But, as I told him, “The season is starting - [...]

Week of Great Beginning Gardener Posts

Now that the weather is warming and frost-free dates are approaching (zone 6 is April 15 - remember your zone? Have you found your date?), I can feel the buzz of excitement, especially on the internet, among all of us who are growing vegetables this year. I’ve found a great number of really helpful posts [...]

Flower Show Photos


Click on out of your reader and come see my new look! Figured it’s a new year (I’m one year older today) so I should change things around a bit. And I wanted to tie in more with the topics I’ve been covering lately. Jo-Lynne/DCR Design is awesome. This banner is deceptively complicated but she [...]