Week of Great Beginning Gardener Posts

Now that the weather is warming and frost-free dates are approaching (zone 6 is April 15 - remember your zone? Have you found your date?), I can feel the buzz of excitement, especially on the internet, among all of us who are growing vegetables this year. I’ve found a great number of really helpful posts recently and tried to bookmark anything that I thought would be particularly helpful for those of you just starting out.

Simple Organic has two really great posts right now. Gardening 101: 3 Options For Creating New Vegetable Gardens provides the basics on raised beds, traditional beds, and containers. There also a great post about Starting a Garden With Repurposed Materials. I’ll definitely be starting some seeds in egg containers soon!

And for those of you still thinking about what to grow, A Way To Garden has some Seed Catalog Shopping Rules that I’ve found very helpful. I really like parts 3 and 4 in particular as she considers how frequently she uses certain vegetables and what is available for a reasonable price. I think for those of us who participate in CSAs this is also an important point. For me, while I might like to grow chard because it’s beautiful and pretty easy, OHMYGOODNESS if the season is anything like last year I will be getting more than enough from our CSA and can therefore bop that one off my own growing list to make room for something I don’t get en masse.

That final part that talks about what is worth growing from seed yourself is very important. If you’ve been doing your research you are finding that there are two main ways to start growing - starting your own seeds or buying transplants (seedlings that someone else grew for you) - and this part of her post addresses how one might decide which option is better for certain veggies.

The Hudson Valley Seed Library blog is doing a series on seed starting - here’s a link to part one. I particularly like that table for seed starting dates.

Pioneer Woman did a great post on soil this week called A Dirty Post that includes photos of good and bad soil.

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