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Signs of the Season

I love April. Love May too.
We’ve been watching a Robin build her nest right outside our living room window in a Rhododendron. She worked hard. And then she sat. (Sorry, this photo was taken through our screen window.)

She’s been sitting there for a few weeks now, through the wind and some massive rain. She’s got [...]

From Dirt To Dinner - A New Project for Earth Day and Beyond

When I told Sam the other day that Earth Day was coming up, he said, “But every day is Earth Day!” And it’s with that in mind that I share plans for a new project about which I am oh, so excited.
Not so long ago, Kate of The Clean Plate Club emailed me asking if [...]

On Planting a Family Tree

With both Earth Day and Arbor Day coming up, I figure we might not be the only ones thinking about tree planting this month. We had an open space where we lost some junipers to the snow storm of the world this winter, so I jumped on the chance to put in something that would [...]

Chanticleer Garden

The Feb/March issue of Organic Gardening featured a beautiful article on the best flowering trees. I noticed at the end of the piece that most of the photos for it had been taken at Chanticleer Garden, which happens to be in Wayne, Pennsylvania (not far!) and open to the public for half the week. So [...]

For Those of You Who Don’t Like Vomit . . .

You should click away right now. No really, go ahead; you really should go somewhere else. Really.
For the rest of you, I think it’s important for you to know that this child -
Yes, this adorable, innocent-looking one

- ate so much ice cream last night that when he was done he got up from his seat, [...]

75 and Sunny

Behold, potentially one of the best photos of Robby ever:

(SOOC (straight out of camera) - Am I supposed to tell you that? I saw that on a blog recently. I never edit any of my photos, so am I supposed to say that for every photo I post? Surely not . . .)
Behold, two boys, [...]