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From Dirt To Dinner - Squash and Zucchini

Gosh, we’ve been eating an awful lot of squash and zucchini for the past few weeks, both from our own garden and from the CSA box. I have one summer squash plant in the yard, and so far it has produced over 15 fruits. The thing is taking over the yard. When you read about [...]

From Dirt To Slaw

Cabbage. I’ve never done anything with it other than make various slaws. I’ve certainly never cooked it, and I don’t know that I plan to; it just doesn’t sound that appetizing to me. Please, someone tell me I’m wrong. Believe me, if anyone links up below with a cabbage recipe for anything other than a [...]

Ah, The Gentle Ooze of Molten Lava

So I was talking to Sam about a dresser I want to refinish for his room. And I was telling him I thought we could choose maybe two colors and paint and stencil it. He got very excited, stating that he wants it to be purple (there’s a shocker). Then he added that it should [...]

Beet Time!

Well, first let me just say thank you to all who participated in our berry carnival for the most recent From Dirt To Dinner!
We’re essentially going to do a 180 now and go from an ingredient that virtually everyone loves to one that eludes and, for some, disgusts: THE BEET.
At this time last year I [...]