From Dirt To Slaw

Cabbage. I’ve never done anything with it other than make various slaws. I’ve certainly never cooked it, and I don’t know that I plan to; it just doesn’t sound that appetizing to me. Please, someone tell me I’m wrong. Believe me, if anyone links up below with a cabbage recipe for anything other than a slaw of some sort, I promise I’ll try it.

But until then: slaw. The one I usually make is super easy, and I make it often because I get a lot of cabbages from our CSA. I quarter and core a head of cabbage, then I chop it up. I know many people use a food processor to shred it. I don’t bother. So mine is always a bit chunkier than the finely shredded stuff, but I kind of like that. It makes it more salad-ey.

I throw the chopped up cabbage in a big ol’ bowl and toss it with a pinch or two of salt and several tablespoons of cider vinegar. My recipe says 3 tablespoons, but I know I use more than that. I like vinegar.

Then, if I have them, I grate a few carrots into the bowl. I add some mayo, about 2/3 cup depending on how creamy I want it, how big the head of cabbage was, etc. Toss it all together and that’s it. Done.

I’d take a picture, but then I’d be going into my kitchen and taking a photo of 4-day-old cole slaw, which just seems wrong.

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