Water, Water, Everywhere

So, imagine, if you will, that you have this bookshelf. And on this book shelf you house all of your photo albums. All of your old photo negatives. Your boxes of memorabilia from high school and college. Diplomas. Baby books for each of your children. Your wedding album.

Maybe it’s no so difficult to imagine - you probably have a bookshelf like this.

Now, picture, please, a water pipe bursting in the ceiling directly over this shelf (above the valve that leads to the outside hose, so this was not technically our fault). It happens in the morning, but because no one ever really goes down into this office/mancave, the steady stream of water that is pouring down the wall and from the ceiling is not discovered until around 9:00 that evening.

And now you’ve successfully envisioned what my husband and I were doing at 9:01 through the wee hours last night.

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