A Mom to Three Boys

Last night I was telling my husband that I was afraid that I am going to forget this. I’m afraid that, in a few years, I’ll not remember what a sweet baby Matthew is, how happy he is, how often he smiles.  Because I don’t feel like I remember enough about Robby’s infancy, and now he’s so big! And the time four years ago seems like a haze, similar to the way the days feel right now.

So I spent some time reading last night, reading right here, on this old little blog I had. And I saw pictures I’d forgotten existed and stories about Robby and Sam that I didn’t remember at all. Little notes about our days that were all part of that hazy time.

And I realized I should start again, for no other reason than to document what is happening here with a new addition to our family and three boys who get older each day.

boys on a rug

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