Total Mom Haircut?

It was a few months after my first child, Sam, was born that I found myself in a hair salon, telling my stylist to “cut it all off.” I didn’t have time I told her. No time to shower, no time to blow dry, I didn’t have time to eat lunch, so upkeep was no longer an option. I imagine I’m not the only one, since there does seem to be a stereotype out there of the “Mom Haircut.”

I’m Beth, mom of two boys. Sam is now four years old, and Robby is two. My husband, a.k.a. “Hubby,” and I have been married five years now. If you want to feel good about how your day is going, or would like a laugh, read about how we attempted to celebrate our anniversary.

I have been blogging since Sam was nearly a year old. Back then I wrote a lot about the challenges and satisfaction that come from being a new, stay at home mom. Robby has inspired to me to write about a whole new set of challenges and joys, those of being the mother of two. Sometimes my blog is about my kids, but really I would say it’s all about me. Becoming a mom has been, obviously, the most massive transformation I have ever experienced. It was the first thing in my life that inspired me to write; I guess I was waiting until I had something to say.

Every trip back to a salon since that first one after Sam was born, I have gone in saying, “Don’t give me a mom haircut,” but then I proceed to explain my situation to the stylist - no, can’t blow dry it; no, won’t use a curling iron; no, 10 minutes on the hair is too long. I can act like that’s not what the situation is, but why pretend? This is me now, and that’s totally ok. Every time I walk out of a salon I end up thinking to myself, “Yep, she gave me a Total Mom Haircut.”