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Summer - Will it Ever End?

I kind of feel like this sums up my summer fairly well:
Report: Mom Just Locked Her Door

From Dirt To Dinner - Squash and Zucchini

Gosh, we’ve been eating an awful lot of squash and zucchini for the past few weeks, both from our own garden and from the CSA box. I have one summer squash plant in the yard, and so far it has produced over 15 fruits. The thing is taking over the yard. When you read about [...]

Morimoto Mommy

Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was Hubby and me. Me and Hubby. And that’s it; it was just the two of us. And when it was just us, we used to do Hubby and me things like, say, watching an entire season of 24 within a one week time span . [...]

Let’s Learn About Rhubarb

So, the upcoming theme ingredient for Friday’s From Dirt To Dinner is going to be RHUBARB. I know rhubarb can be a little intimidating - it’s looks kind of weird and not at all unlike celery, many people have never had it before, certainly most have not cooked with it.
Last year was my first time [...]

Week of Great Beginning Gardener Posts

Now that the weather is warming and frost-free dates are approaching (zone 6 is April 15 - remember your zone? Have you found your date?), I can feel the buzz of excitement, especially on the internet, among all of us who are growing vegetables this year. I’ve found a great number of really helpful posts [...]


Click on out of your reader and come see my new look! Figured it’s a new year (I’m one year older today) so I should change things around a bit. And I wanted to tie in more with the topics I’ve been covering lately. Jo-Lynne/DCR Design is awesome. This banner is deceptively complicated but she [...]

Philly Events for the Green Thumbs Out There

I received this email from my husband just this morning:
“Couldn’t figure out why there were so many old ladies on the train this morning, until the conductor said ‘Market East! Flower Show!’ and they all got off.”
Yep, I imagine nothing can get the elderly on the trains as easily as the Philadelphia Flower [...]