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The Dreaded

Tomorrow is the day of my dreaded surgery that had to be rescheduled. In reality it’s so not a big deal - very minor. But still. It’s surgery. And I HATE hospitals. I actually didn’t realize how very much I hate hopitals until I had to go in for my pre-screening.
At least after tomorrow morning [...]

Nose Blow

What on earth is that crusty thing on the tip of the crayon? What the . . . oh, of course. A booger.
And when I look up, Robby is smiling at me and pointing to himself.


I was thinking more about my family and our “best-friendliness.” I realized, though, that we definitely will not always feel that way. There will be years that go by when we (especially the boys in relation to Hubby and I) don’t feel this way at all. But through that time, I hope that two things [...]

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I kid you not, after our week, Sam came down with Croup last night. At one point in the night I simultaneously had one kid throwing up and one barking like a seal. It’s like a joke.
And I know ya’ll are tired of hearing about sick yuck. Believe me, I’m sick of writing about it, [...]

Yes, We’re alive

Thanks to those of you who checked in on us and left your kind wishes. I did get it too. But my body at least held off until the morning, allowing me to run back and forth between bedrooms for the duration of the night. For the three of us the illness lasted only 12 [...]

Make That 24 Loads

It hit Hubby on his train ride home from NY (I told him he shouldn’t go).
It hit Sam after he took the first bite of his dinner.
I feel like I’m preparing for battle tonight. I have piles of towels, blankets, and clothes for each member of our family laid out in the hallway.
I. Am. Rambo.
Mercifully, [...]

The Perfect Storm

Robby has been throwing up since Sunday night. I’d forgotten how very, very awful it is to see your child sick, especially when they are young enough that they don’t really understand.
19 loads of laundry later . . .
I feel like today is the big day. I’ll have to talk to the doctor to see [...]