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Favorite Children’s Books For Berries and Jam

We’re getting ready for some serious strawberry picking this week, and I don’t know who’s more excited - the boys or me? To put it all in proper context we’ve been reading (and re-reading) some of our favorite books that look at berries and jam-making.
This first one my husband just [...]

Boys and Weapons - What To Do?

Years ago, I saw an article in Mothering magazine about children and weapons play, and I saved it. Yep, I’ve hung on to my copy of it since 2006. I knew that one day I would need to refer back to it. And now, with two boys who love super heroes, playing “Good Guys and [...]

Iris Hermodactylus VS Iron Man

It might take an outsider one morning of listening to my kids talk to figure out what interests my husband and I, and which of those interests have rubbed off onto our children. This morning when we sat down to breakfast Sam exclaimed, “Mommy, three of the irises are blooming!” I beamed with pride at [...]

Best Movies of the Decade

We’ve had a lot of discussion of this topic around here lately. My husband makes me reveal my favorite book and favorite movie of the year every single New Year’s Eve - it’s something I just had to accept when I married him.
But this year I had the added challenge of coming up with the [...]

Pumpkins, Books, Apples and Sunshine

Fall is my favorite. My absolute favorite. And today was a beautiful sunny day full of pumpkins and apples and golden leaves. We have apples, so many apples! We have pies to bake and pumpkins to carve. We have seeds to toast and seeds to plant (not pumpkins, but garlic).
And I just finished such a [...]

Smells Like Fall

Outside: wind and rain.
On the stove: two pots. One boiling chicken for tonight’s Chicken and Dumplings, the other with the rest of the chicken and some vegetables for stock and Chicken Noodle Soup later on.
Open on the table: three lovely cookbooks. The Joy of Cooking and The Art of Simple Food, both on loanĀ  from [...]

Rainbows in Clouds

****Edited below****
If you are in an area that is cloudy and generally dreary today, here’s a cool project that I saw on Misty’s blog this morning that is sure to brighten up your day. Not to mention that it’s a great activity for the kids to work on with you, sorting colors, making stacks, and [...]