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Odder Even

It was apparently quiz time in the car this morning as we drove my husband to the train station after finding out his car wouldn’t start. (Always an excellent start to the day, btw)
Sam: “Robby, is 50 odd or even?”
Robby: “yes.”
Me: “Good answer!”
Sam: “No! It’s one or the other. Robby, you have to say it’s [...]

They Win

We named him Matthew, just what his brothers wanted.

What’s ‘is Name?

I think Sam may have named the baby the other day. We were talking about when his brother would arrive - “In about six weeks.”
“But are you counting today?”
“Are you counting the day he is born?”
“So really it’s less than six weeks. It’s more like five weeks . . .”
Sam is a very literal, very [...]

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Is HERE

Quotes of this Dreary, Dark Tuesday

“I found you, Mom.” This was one of the first things said to me this morning. I suppose it’s not the quote itself that is worth mention, but the fact that it was said to me by a small, 2 1/2 year-old boy who was peering at me through the hole of a used paper [...]

75 and Sunny

Behold, potentially one of the best photos of Robby ever:

(SOOC (straight out of camera) - Am I supposed to tell you that? I saw that on a blog recently. I never edit any of my photos, so am I supposed to say that for every photo I post? Surely not . . .)
Behold, two boys, [...]

Iris Hermodactylus VS Iron Man

It might take an outsider one morning of listening to my kids talk to figure out what interests my husband and I, and which of those interests have rubbed off onto our children. This morning when we sat down to breakfast Sam exclaimed, “Mommy, three of the irises are blooming!” I beamed with pride at [...]