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From Dirt To Dinner - Squash and Zucchini

Gosh, we’ve been eating an awful lot of squash and zucchini for the past few weeks, both from our own garden and from the CSA box. I have one summer squash plant in the yard, and so far it has produced over 15 fruits. The thing is taking over the yard. When you read about [...]

Beet Time!

Well, first let me just say thank you to all who participated in our berry carnival for the most recent From Dirt To Dinner!
We’re essentially going to do a 180 now and go from an ingredient that virtually everyone loves to one that eludes and, for some, disgusts: THE BEET.
At this time last year I [...]

From Dirt To Dinner - Berry Style

We’ve had a lot of strawberries in our house over the course of the past 3 weeks.
And one favorite recipe from many (other than just eating or slicing them over vanilla ice cream…mmmmmm…) was this one for Whole Wheat Strawberry Pancakes. Indeed, I’ve made them twice. And I wish I had recorded it when [...]

From Dirt To Dinner - PEAS!

Welcome back to From Dirt To Dinner. Today we are featuring PEAS - any kinda pea - shelling, snap, snow, what have you.
When choosing a recipe for this week I had a few things in mind. 1) I really wanted my kids to eat whatever I made. 2) I most definitely wanted to use [...]

In Which The Rhubarb Gives Me a Thorough Caning With Its Big, Stalky Self

Alternatively titled - “A Lesson In Reading The Recipe Beforehand”
Alternatively titled - “Don’t Eat The Rhubarb Raw”
Alternatively titled - “Make Sure You Have Oil Before Baking”
Alternatively and more appropriately titled: “From Dirt To Dinner - Rhubarb”
All righty. Pull up a seat. It’s time to cook some rhubarb.
I decided to go with this recipe [...]

From Dirt To Dinner - Asparagus Carnival

Welcome to our very first From Dirt To Dinner recipe carnival! This week we are celebrating asparagus - yum! It’s in season right now, it’s super-healthy, and it’s great stuff, especially when fresh and local. Not to mention that doesn’t asparagus just tell you that Spring is really here?
So, ever since Kate and I [...]

Blowing Eggs Kind of Blows; Quiche Does Not

Ok, so Easter is upon us. There’s a whole lot of egg action going on. In past years I have always hard boiled our eggs for dyeing, but often feel guilty because they don’t usually get eaten. The kids just aren’t really fans of hard-boiled eggs (and really, who is when you’re talking about that [...]